Sedona Staffing is composed of a team of highly skilled and dedicated human resource professionals.

With over 30 years in staffing we are part of the nationally recognized network of personnel specialists. We have over 28 branches nationwide. Sedona builds close, long-term relationships with their clients. We help both employers and employees find the opportunities uniquely suited to their needs and capabilities.

Our customized staffing solutions are created based on your specific needs. After analyzing your company’s projected growth, workforce profile and operational budgets, we design and implement staffing solutions to achieve your strategic business objectives.

Our career categories include:
  • Industrial
  • Clerical
  • Administrative
  • Medical
  • Professional
  • Technical
Commitment to Quality

Our Candidates reflect our commitment to quality solutions. In addition to a personal interview and background check, we test each individual using state-of-the-art computer assessment systems and accept only those who meet our high standards.

Our Commitment to professional partnering shows. Year after year, our business grows – primarily through referrals from satisfied clients and job-seekers. Every employee we refer will possess the skills you request. 
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