About Sterilite

You may be surprised by how many of our products are at work in your home today. It may be one of our heavy-duty Totes stacked in your basement with camping gear; a few of our Modular Drawers stacked in your closet helping to create an organized space; or maybe it's one our Weave Baskets keeping your mail looking tidy on your kitchen counter.

We are the largest plastic housewares company in North America. Sterilite's broad line features some of the most innovative and distinctive products available on the market today. From food storage containers and laundry / utility products to home storage and organization products in every shape, size and color; Sterilite helps you "keep it together" like no other.

Important Job Information

Pay Rates
$16.60 - $17.53
(Rates include perfect attendance bonus)

Dress Code
Jeans, t-shirts, tennis-shoes with leather uppers (no mesh/cloth canvas uppers)

Shift Information
A+C Team - 7AM-7Pm
B+D Team 7PM-7AM
Additional Details
  • Extra $2.50 incentive per hour (paid weekly) if you have perfect attendance for the week.  If tardy or absent you do not receive the incentive for that week.
  • Additional $2.00 an hour pay for those who complete cross training!
  • Sedona Staffing now offers $500 30-day and $500 60-day retention bonuses.
  • Paid breaks but associates are not allowed to leave the plant during their 12 hour shift.
  • See Tanner for your schedule and calendar on your first day of work.
  • Work schedule requires you to work 36 hours one week and 48 hours the next week.
  • This is a non-smoking facility.
  • Vending machines take cash/debit/credit if you would like to purchase anything.
  • Hair should not go past your shoulders even when tied up.
  • No headphones! It is a safety issue.


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