Total Workforce Management is our way of introducing new technologies, increasing efficiency and productivity and generating new products and services that will improve our partnership with you and the way we service the customer and job seeker.

One of our many tools for our partners to use in Total Workforce Management is Sedona Compass.

Sedona Compass is a web based application that coordinates the job seeker with the job provider. Sedona Compass can be accessed from any computer/tablet/smartphone anywhere in the world.

Sedona Compass can have thousands of jobs listed pulling data from our branches nationwide. Compass integrates well with your accounting software to help simplify and streamline back office procedures.

Sedona Compass allows your Front Office Staff to:

  • Track applicants
  • Process orders
  • Manage client contact
  • Organize a hierarchical structure
    • Client
    • Divisions
    • Addresses
    • Contacts
    • Departments
  • Manage documents
    • Applicants
    • Clients
    • Orders
  • Integrate testing 
    • Automated test setup
    • Automated test score entry
  • Post jobs to a job board
    • Automated feed to
  • Integrate unemployment tracking
  • Receive email alerts and notifications
  • Streamline branch time entry
  • Associate intake/outtake
  • Evaluate performance online

Sedona Compass allows Job Seekers/Candidates to:

  • Apply online
  • Search jobs
  • Update status, demographics, and skills
  • Receive assignment information
  • View / print check stubs
  • View check history
  • Receive email alerts and notifications

Sedona Compass allows your office managers to:

  • Integrate to most front end applications
  • Centralize payroll processing
  • Invoice and centralize accounts receivables
  • Run weekly management reports
  • Pull invoice reports
  • Pull a check register report
  • Pull a weekly sales summary
  • Measure profitability by assignment
  • Allow for time clock integration
  • Manage workers compensation processes

Through our partnership, we can offer business intelligence using Sedona Compass, we can provide you with an overview on client trends, account manager, branch and conversion metrics.