What They Do

Technical skills are abilities an individual acquires through practice and learning. These skills play a vital role in getting hired by the best companies in your area. That is why it is a good thing Sedona is equipped with a variety of career opportunities with the best businesses all ready for you. 

Some Technical jobs we offer
Conduct tests to determine quality of raw materials, bulk intermediate and finished products.
QA Technician
Collects and stores data on sales numbers, market research, logistics, linguistics, or other behaviors.
Data Analyst
Implement culture and behavioral changes in EHS performance and ensure the EHS programs and activities are sustained.
EHS Manager
will be responsible for providing technical sales support to current and potential customers, to demonstrate company product effectiveness.
Swine Technical Manager
Assist in the operation of a business Core data processing systems and 1st line of support for staff on any and all issues.
Computer User Support Specialist
Responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client's specifications.
Website Programmer