We have some important news regarding our Moline (Corporate), Muscatine and Iowa City Facebook pages. Beginning Friday, April 19th, 2019 the Muscatine and Iowa City Facebook pages will be merging into one Corporate page. This will change the dynamic of how we operate through Facebook as well as pose valid questions and concerns. We hope to answer all potential worries below as we outline how Facebook will operate regarding the Corporate page moving forward.

    First, we would like to address how job posts and Facebook applications will work. We understand that many individuals applied daily on all three pages and constantly check our Facebook pages for updates on our newest available jobs. We do not want to prevent this from continuing to happen, so we came up with a solution that we hope speeds up the application process whilst making it as simple as possible. We will be introducing a "General Application". This general application will be pinned to the top of our corporate Facebook page (Sedona Staffing Corporate) and act as our main application method on Facebook. The only thing you, the job-seeker, need to do is complete the new general application and we will reach out to you! You will be asked three simple questions...
    1. Which Sedona Office is nearest to you?
    2. Which area of employment are you most interested in?
    3. What are your best attributes that you think we should know about?
    We will use these questions to gain an initial understanding of who you are as a person. This will help us find an employment opportunity that distinctly fits you. We will still be posting individual job posts periodically that are separate from the general application. These other job postings will be jobs offered by Moline, Muscatine, and our Iowa City branches.

    Regular posts going forward will mainly feature photos, videos and general content from the three offices: Moline (Corporate), Muscatine and Iowa City. Sedona is more than three offices though and we wish to promote the great personalities of all our locations which is why there will also be content from our other 25 branches!

    Ultimately, our corporate Facebook page (Sedona Staffing Corporate) will be providing job opportunities and generally serve as the hub of Facebook activity for our Moline, Muscatine and Iowa City offices. Our other branches will still have separate Facebook pages that solely serve their respective geographical locations. As time goes on, we will be slowly integrating those pages into our Corporate page so we only have one central location, on Facebook, for everything Sedona!

    All our locations can be found under the locations tab of our website. All of our available employment opportunities can still be found under the "Job search" tab. We hope this answers the main questions and concerns around the merging of our Moline (Corporate), Muscatine and Iowa City Facebook pages. Do not be afraid to contact us on Facebook if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement and don't forget, you can always discover great opportunities when you Search with Sedona!